Ivermectin – Silver Bullet or False Hope?

17 Feb 2121

Our own Dr Paul Freinkel recently appeared on M-net, Carte Blanche’s “Ivermectin – Silver Bullet or False Hope” documentary. You can see it (and him) at the link below. The points he makes are:
– Like any drug, Ivermectin is not without it’s complications
– Like any drug, the benefits must always outweigh the risks
– With Ivermectin, the potential benefit, as far as the data shows us (and it is incomplete) far outweighs the risk, if used correctly.
– It now seems that the opposing parties on the use of Ivermectin are coming closer and are ready to allow doctors to decide, “what’s the harm?”, which is what doctors are trained to do, “on the balance of probability, is it going to help, and is it safe?”
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