Physical exercise tips for the Nationwide Lockdown

April 6, 2020

 As you go through the Covid19 lockdown, it becomes more important than ever to take care of yourself, mentally, spiritually and physically. Here are a few tips on staying physically active while you're at home.



  • Exercise is good for supporting your immune system 

  • Exercise can aid in fighting anxiety, stress and improve your mental health

  • Exercise increases your metabolic rate and energy expenditure  

  • Do not do too much exercise out of boredom and injure yourself 

  • Involve the whole family to spend some quality time together (avoid watching to much television and screen time) 

  • Check in with your therapist before doing any unusual exercise to establish if it will benefit or harm your current rehabilitation 

  • Use this time to improve the weaknesses you never find time for like improving your balance, core strength, flexibility etc. 

  • Include some stretching which is good for relaxation and muscle tension 

  • Think of creative ways to include physical activity in your daily routine like gardenwork, house cleaning etc. 

Use this time to do all the essential things you never get time for like reading, sleeping late, DIY projects and spending quality time with your family. Stay safe, adhere to the regulations posted by the government and stay positive. We can do this!


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